Our approach to website production produces high quality design and professionally written content at a very reasonable price.

To hit the sweet spot of design, content, and price we have to be very specific about what’s included with each website.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included and what’s not so that you can see if what we offer is a good choice for your business.

What’s included:

  • Quick Turn-around – The website launches quickly since the content is ready to go.
  • Written Content – You don’t have to provide the written content for most of the pages.
    • You’ll provide your bio/s for the About Us page and we’ll make adjustments to certain other areas of the site to tailor it to your advisory firm.
    • The website content is professionally written and created for advisors that use a market or passive approach to investing.
    • If you want to use your own written content on the website, rather than the content provided, you simply pay an hourly rate to have the changes made.
  • Service and Support – You have someone to make edits and updates for you very quickly as you need them over time — you’re buying in to a company that provides a high level of personal service.
  • Low Cost – The cost is much less than a custom website which can often cost over $3,600.
  • Portability – Unlike other financial advisor websites, you can take your website to another hosting provider at any time. We want to continue to earn your business over time and never leave you feeling stuck.

What’s not included:

  • Changing the Written Content – If you need certain parts of the written content changed we can make minor changes for an additional charge based on time. If you really need something completely different from the written content that comes with our websites, we can help you with a custom website project.
  • Design Flexibility – The look and feel of these websites are optimized for ease of use. Design changes require re-thinking the layout, and time consuming code updates. A custom approach is best if you have custom design needs. We would be glad to discuss a custom website project if that would better suit your needs.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – If you want your website to rank well in search engine results, your website can be built in WordPress and through blogging you may be able to achieve good results. We can discuss what it takes to achieve good search engine results but we don’t offer SEO services.

How it Works

1. You choose a starting design.

All designs feature:

  • Clean, modern, uncluttered layouts.
  • WordPress as an option if you want to blog or make frequent updates. We recommend the Standard option for most advisors.
  • A contact form.

As a bonus, all of the designs are optimized to work on tablets and smartphones.

2. Your logo, bio, and banner photos are added to the website.

Each design includes your choice of banner photos (the photos used at the top of each page). You can review the banner photo choices in the demo area of our website. We’ll add your contact information in the appropriate places, and place your bio on the About Us page.

3. Your new website is built and launched.

  • No downtime – Your current website will stay live and untouched while your new website is being built.
  • Review progress – You’ll be able to review progress on your new website while it’s being built. If you have a compliance officer that needs to check the website before launch they’ll have access as well.
  • Launch new website – When you’re completely happy with the results, your new website will “go live”.
  • Easy transition from your current provider – After your new website goes live you simply cancel your old service.
  • Hosting and ongoing maintenance – We’ll provide website hosting, and you’ll always be covered by our Easy to Leave Guarantee. If you need changes made to the website as time goes by, we provide full services at our hourly rate (currently $120/hour).

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